MoonSked Serial Number 1.4

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Developer: MoonBounce Software
  • Added Edit Menu Item to select alternative location of where to look for CALL3.TXT file
  • Add Help Menu item to reset CALL3.TXT location to its default of the MoonSked folder.
  • Add Help Menu item to reset window default sizes and positions to their defaults.
  • Added option of not outputting tracking data for Moon during RX periods. (In tracking Preferences/Tracking) Note this only works in Moon Tracking Window, NOT Noise Source Tracking window. This option is for operators with RF noisy rotators who wish to move their antennas only when transmitting.
  • Correctly saves and restores chosen Beamwidth.
  • Correctly restores all window positions.
  • MoonTracking windows (big and small) now trim out trailing whitespace when calls dropped onto them.
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Price: $49
License: Free to try
Version: v1.4
Downloads: 3923
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Details will be announced here when they are available.Kind Regards, David GM4JJJMoonSked Shareware RegistrationMoonSked is Shareware – you can try it for free, once you register it, you will get free upgrades, support and a code to disable the reminder messages that will otherwise appear at regular intervals. There is no crack, serial number, hack or activation key for MoonSked present here. Drag the size of the window a little more taller and the results will appear at the bottom of the window. Larry Cavanaugh specializes in porting and engine building.

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MoonSked 1.4.7 Features: · Track Moon Position in Realtime · World Map shows Moon Footprint · Sked Maker calculates best time for Moon Bounce (EME) contacts between 2 stations · Displays Moon Bounce Schedules (Imports SKD87 files and shows station status) · Moon Graph shows Monthly Moon data in graphical form · Printout Schedules, Predictions and Graphs. · Uses and displays Directory of Moonbounce stations (DIR.SKD) · Tracks Celestial Radio Sources in realtime · Callfinder with intelligent ‘has moon’ calculator · Links to your email program for easy scheduling with other stations · Exports Az/El data for Integration with Rotator Control programs · Easy Interface allows rapid choice of suitable date and time for EME schedules · 50MHz to 24GHz Bands – Doppler shift between Stations and own echo · 50MHz/144MHz/222MHz/432MHz Background Sky Temperature · Grid Location entry · Moon Range and DGR dB loss · Spatial Polarity and calculation of Maximum Non Reciprocity MoonSked 1.4.7 Limitations: · Reminder message. If they had only omitted that weld on the megaphone it would have been beautiful! If it’s going to see the drag strip regularly, then yes, absolutely. The CR later became the CRS with much improved idle circuits.

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